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About the project

INYVAX is a three year project funded by the European Commission's Framework Program 7 (FP7) with a contribution of 932,335 €.

The project  is coordinated by the European Vaccine Initiative and  involves seven partner institutions.

  1. European Vaccine Initiative, Heidelberg, Germany - Dr Odile Leroy
  2. Foundation Merieux, Lyon, France - Dr Christophe Longuet
  3. University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland - Prof Paul-Henri Lambert
  4. Biomedical Primate Research Centre, Rijswijk, Netherlands - Dr Ed Remarque
  5. TuBerculosis Vaccine Initiative, Lelystad, Netherlands - Dr Jelle Thole
  6. Malaria Vaccine Initiative, Seattle, USA - Dr Christian Loucq
  7. Brighton Collaboration Foundation, Basel, Switzerland - Dr Ulrich Heininger
  8. Global Adjuvant Development Initiative/ WHO, Geneva, Switzerland - Dr Martin Friede

The work is subdivided in five work-packages with the following objectives:

WP1: Comprehensive Inventory of PRD vaccine technologies -

This work package’s objective is to develop a comprehensive database of European organisations, institutions, biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical industries developing vaccine technologies and to develop a strategy across PRD vaccine for selecting manufacturers and sub-contractors, addressing quality assessment.

WP2: Optimisation of knowledge and resources for the formulation of PRD vaccines -

The objectives of this workpackage are to establish the European branch of the global adjuvant network AdjuNet between groups developing adjuvants and public sector organisations evaluating adjuvants in clinical trials, to develop a strategy for the optimisation of malaria and tuberculosis vaccines, and to establish a short training programme on optimisation of vaccine with adjuvants.

WP3: Implementation of safety standards in PRD vaccine clinical development -

The objective of the work package is to provide safety standards in clinical trials of PRD vaccines allowing meta-analysis of the safety of similar vaccine approaches.

WP4: Advanced Training in vaccinology for European and DC scientists in relation to PRD vaccines (ADVAC) -

The objective of this work package is to generate training opportunities for PRD vaccine researchers by funding students from Europe as well as from developing countries (DC) who wish to attend the Advanced Training in Vaccinology (ADVAC) Course offered by Fondation Mérieux in Geneva, Switzerland.

WP5: Project coordination and management

This Work Package has the task to establish the necessary coordination and management requirements in order to get the partnership mobilised into the defined work plans and objectives.