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The Brighton Collaboration

The Brighton Collaboration is committed to develop standardized, widely disseminated and globally accepted case definitions for an exhaustive number of AEFI as well as guidelines for data collection, analysis, and presentation.

The Brighton Collaboration was founded by Robert Chen, Harald Heijbel, Tom Jefferson, Ulrich Heininger, and Elisabeth Loupi in 1999 at a meeting in Brighton, England. It was officially launched in autumn 2000. The Collaboration consists of volunteers from patient care, public health, scientific, pharmaceutical, regulatory and professional organizations coming from developed and developing countries. They are experienced and knowledgeable in the field of immunization safety and corresponding medical specialties. Volunteers will collaborate in this global network of individuals and organizations concerned with immunization safety. Volunteers can participate either as individuals in the Working Groups (WGs) or as Individuals or organizations in the Reference Group (RG). The resulting accrual of expertise focused on the development of standardized case definitions and guidelines, and the sharing of knowledge within and outside the Collaboration, will benefit vaccine recipients by providing high quality vaccine safety data.

A standardized set of Case Definitions and Guidelines will also benefit investigators and health officials who conduct immunization studies, healthcare workers of diverse backgrounds, who make clinical decisions on immunizations and who need to obtain, interpret, provide and report information on immunization safety. A transparent methodology, a continuous cyclical revision of our work with no financial interest in the outcome of our objectives, are integral parts of our mission.

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