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European Vaccine Initiative

EVI (previously known as European Malaria Vaccine Initiative) is a non profit European Economic Interest Group funded by the European Commission and several EU donors, originally founded in 1998.

The specific objective of EVI is to bridge the conceptual and operational gaps between the bench product (i.e. candidate molecules) through further validation of bench testing, small-scale GMP production and clinical testing. Thus EVI provides both the funding and expertise required to take an experimental vaccine candidate efficiently from the bench into clinical trials.

EVI is controlled by an external Board of Directors and also by an independent Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) who makes recommendations to the Board on scientific direction, technologies, and on the selection of applications for funding. The EVI Secretariat is staffed full-time by experts with extensive experience in the fields of basic research, vaccine development, programme management, clinical trials, regulatory affairs and administrative support. EVI has extensive experience in the coordination of large EC-funded integrated projects e.g. The European Malaria Vaccine Developers Association (13.5 million Euro), and is also the coordinator of numerous other EC and EU funded projects e.g. EURHAVAC, a specific EC- supported action on harmonisation of malaria vaccine development in Europe.

The main tasks assigned to EVI include overall coordination of the programme by making available the expertise within the EVI staff (e.g. scientific, managerial, adjuvant formulation and regulatory issues) as well as through the recruitment of new staff with complementary experience. EVI will take over coordinatorhip as of 1st November 2009.

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