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Fondation M


Fondation Mérieux  was set up in 1967 by Doctor Charles Mérieux, in memory of his father Marcel Mérieux, a pupil of Louis Pasteur and founder of the Mérieux Institute in 1897.

As an independent foundation, it works to serve the interests of public health. Its mission is to help developing countries to combat infectious diseases. Since its creation, the foundation has advocated openness and partnership and has built a major international scientific network. It plays the role of catalyst in local and international initiatives working towards the same public health goals. Fondation Mérieux  has obtained public interest status in 1976 for the control of infectious diseases.  Its approach focuses on prevention and diagnosis and breaks the barriers that may exist between human and animal medicine, North and South, and for all involved.

In each of its fields of activity, it brings together and mobilises the world's top doctors, pharmacists, researchers, and specialists in infectious diseases, vaccinology, and epidemiology  It runs projects that contribute to developing and strengthening the capacity of local governments in public health matters.

Fondation Mérieux has four main goals: support scientific research, share knowledge, support health structures and support patients and their families.

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