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The initiative will be under the responsibility of the Coordinator (European Vaccine Initiative). The management structure reflects several working and decision-making levels involving the Work Package leaders, the Ad-hoc Committees (including the ADVAC Scientific Advisory Committee), the Steering Committee and the Secretariat of the Coordinator.

The Steering Committee

Dr Odile Leroy, EVI, Chairperson

Dr Jelle Thole, IDL/TBVI, Vice-Chairperson

Prof Paul-Henri Lambert

Dr Martin Friede

Prof Ulrich Heininger

The Steering Committee is the main and final decision-making body for the partnership and responsible for:

  • Presenting overall strategic objectives of the initiative, and proposing a framework that shows a work programme and the implementation of a work programme to achieve the objective.
  • The implementation of work plans within the accepted work programme.
  • Taking the decisions needed to effectively implement the work programme and achieve deliverables.
  • Changes and additions to the partners in the initiative.
  • Discussion on financial allocation and distribution of resources according to the proposed work programme.
  • First arbitration of any difficult issues that could not be resolved within the working groups.

The Secretariat of the Coordinator

The overall routine and daily management of the initiative will be delegated to the Secretariat of the Coordinator. The management team will be composed of the Project Manager and the administrative support personnel. The Secretariat will play an essential role in providing the operational structure to ensure efficient and transparent communication between the partners.

The Coordinator

  • Negotiates and administers the financial contribution from the European Commission.
  • Is responsible for all communication and flow of information from the partnership to the EC and from the EC to the partnership.
  • Is responsible for the distribution of the EC financial contribution adhering to the consortium agreement.