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TuBerculosis Vaccine Initiative

TuBerculosis Vaccine Initiative (TBVI) stimulates integrated European efforts to develop more effective, safe vaccines against tuberculosis, that will be globally accessible and affordable.

TBVI is a foundation that descends from TBVAC, an EU Framework Program 6 integrated project, which has been highly successful in advancing a portfolio of new tuberculosis vaccines through preclinical and early clinical development stages.

TBVI is a mainly European network that includes the best (almost 40) research institutes and universities in the field of tuberculosis research.

The objectives of TBVI are:

•           Stimulate research and discovery on TB vaccines

•           Assure preclinical and early phase clinical development

•           Guarantee that promising projects result in affordable vaccines as soon as possible

•           Develop biomarkers that will increase performance and speed of vaccine development

•           Increase capacity of existing clinical trial sites in developing countries

•           Raise political and public awareness on the global health threat of TB and the need for new vaccines

Access and affordability of TB vaccinesfor the developing world are a statutory objective of TBVI and a commitment that is part of each agreement for support. TBVI leaves the ownership for each candidate TB vaccine with the individual partners, creating freedom to operate and establish partnerships for (late) clinical development.

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