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University of Geneva


Prof CA Siegrist is leading the WHO Collaborative Center for Vaccinology and Neonatal Immunology of the University of Geneva. This center is affiliated to the Pathology and the Pediatric departments, we study factors which control the development of the immune system in the neonatal period, through murine models of neonatal immunisation and clinical studies, with particular attention to factors limiting vaccine responses.

We have identified limitations of neonatal T cell responses (Th1, Tc) required for pathogen clearance and currently assess the relative role of APC, T cells and the neonatal microenvironment. We have observed that limitations of neonatal antibody responses are complex and study the relative contribution of B cells, follicular dendritic cells, maternal antibodies, lymphoid organs and bone-marrow compartments. The goal is contribute to the development of novel vaccination strategies specifically adapted to the neonatal period, so as to reduce the burden of severe infections in early life.

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