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Comprehensive Inventory of PRD vaccine technologies

Work Package Leader

European Vaccine Initiative - Dr Odile Leroy


To develop a comprehensive database (accessible from the EVI and GADI websites) of all the European organisations, institutions, biotechs, SMEs and pharmaceutical industries developing vaccine technologies.

Database Topics

  • Adjuvant (producers, owners)
  • Antigen production 
  • Consultants in vaccine development
  • Contract Research Labs
  • Clinical development contractors
  • Regulatory consultants / agencies
  • Toxicology labs
  • Process development
  • Project management
  • QC labs with vaccine expertise
  • Antigen Selection
  • Vaccine Development  


D1.1 Meeting of panel experts
D1.2 Analysis of published data
D1.3 User friendly database
D1.4 Report
D1.5 Presentation to vaccine funders